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Evolution Studios specializes in integrated non-surgical hair replacement, that is cost effective for clients with severe hair loss. We provide customized hair units that look and feel very natural.  In fact, so natural they’re virtually non detectable.  We also offer products and services for hair care maintenance.  Evolution Studios has a National Provider Identifier (NPI) which allows clients to utilize health insurance to supplement cost.  Evolution Studios was established in 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida.

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While administering hair care services throughout the years our owner / founder has taken notices to the increasing number of clients women, men, and children who have been traumatized by hair-loss.  This is where the passion to secure results our clients begin.  We offer treatments as well as customized units and non-surgical hair replacement solutions that look natural and will jump start your journey to regaining your confidence again.

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What Is Our Purpose?

 Prosthetic Hair Replacement

We Are Licensed & Certified!

We are licensed/certified cosmetologist and hair loss specialist with over 15 years, experience, we are certified Hair- loss specialist for non-surgical hair replacement.  Most hair loss is due to poor management, chemically over processed hair, illness, stress, medication, genetic and/or from adverse reaction to environmental factors that we have noticed in majority hair-loss problems throughout the years. 

 If you are interested in the Prosthetic Hair Replacement units please schedule your 30 minute consultation. Click Here.

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